Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/02/21

00:10 ruby32 I'm looking at the bip32 spec on github. Was this something that needed to be forked into the Bitcoin codebase? Or is it simply a protocol for external apps to create private keys/wallets with greater functionality?
00:11 ruby32 In other words, was bitcoin changed at all to enable bip32 to be used, or is it something that worked without changes to bitcoin's core code?
00:11 ruby32 (Trying to understand how it works technically).
00:20 achow101 ruby32: bip32 is not related to any consensus rules, so it does not need a fork
00:20 ruby32 Got it. I'm doing some reading now. Seems like Bitcoin core added bip32 wallet functionality, before that, you had to use a specific bip32-enabled wallet to use it.
00:21 achow101 you still need to use a bip32 enabled wallet to use bip32 hd wallets. just because it is in core does not mean that every wallet uses bip32
00:23 ruby32 Yes, this makes sense now.