Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/02/12

18:44 arubi huh. weird, can't remember leaving the channel
18:44 arubi <arubi> I think I'm building the crediting transaction from script_tests.json wrong. I can pass tests that don't have a checksig in them, but (e.g.) a p2pk test fails with a bad signature. here's an example of both cases: . the tests describe the crediting tx structure right at the beginning of the script_tests.json file. would appreciate your input.
18:45 arubi ^ applies for here too
21:02 Chris_Stewart_5 arubi: Perhaps looking at this will help?
21:03 Chris_Stewart_5 arubi: and this as well for building the spending tx
21:04 arubi "txSpend.vout.resize(1);" ? I thought script_tests.json says the spending tx is only an input?
21:04 Chris_Stewart_5 No, you cannot have a tx with no outputs
21:06 Chris_Stewart_5 well, at least in bitcoin in the network sense. Maybe inside of script evaluation you can have no outputs.
21:06 Chris_Stewart_5 Either way, it is irrelevant. The tests in script_tests have an output
21:06 arubi that's what I know
21:06 arubi
21:06 arubi what output is that?
21:07 Chris_Stewart_5
21:07 arubi oh. thanks :)
21:07 Chris_Stewart_5 so same satoshi value as the crediting tx and an empty script
21:07 Chris_Stewart_5 np
21:08 Chris_Stewart_5 Feels good to return the favor every once in awhile :P
21:10 arubi hehe appreciate it