Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/02/07

11:57 fimp achow101: you recently made me aware of the -limitancestorcount=<n> and -limitdescendantcount=<n> options. If we create a transaction with many unconfirmed ancestors, do you know if other nodes are likely to accept them and propogate them? Or will other Bitcoin Core nodes by default reject transactions with more than 25 ancestors?
11:58 fimp 25 *unconfirmed* ancestors, more precisely
12:01 jouke Out of experience, most nodes reject them.
12:03 jouke I was unable to succesfully create a cpfp transaction for such a long chain.
12:05 jouke I don't know if the relay network is still up and running, maybe you could push you transaction there.
12:23 fimp jouke: relay network is for relaying TXs too? I thought it was for relaying blocks
13:42 achow101 fimp: default is to reject transaction chains of 25 txs or longer
13:51 RxMcDonald Hello, is this for developing a bitcoin server or for mining or what? Anyone knows how to open the GUI with QT?
13:51 RxMcDonald after make
13:52 RxMcDonald the instructions are not very clear to be honest
13:53 RxMcDonald anyone:
13:53 RxMcDonald is this chan ded?
13:54 Chris_Stewart_5 RxMcDonald: I never use qt, but isn't there a bitcoin-qt executable the directory along with bitcoin-cli and bitcoind
13:55 RxMcDonald yea
13:55 Chris_Stewart_5 run it?
13:55 RxMcDonald yea it's already running
13:56 RxMcDonald maybe because it's downloading the blockchain
13:56 RxMcDonald with bitcoind
13:56 RxMcDonald ya it works, thanks
13:57 RxMcDonald doesn't show any transactions, do I need to download the blockchain?
13:59 Chris_Stewart_5 Probably, and if this is a fresh bitcoind, do you have any keys in your wallet?
13:59 RxMcDonald nope
13:59 RxMcDonald can't find any download blockchain in the QT GUI
14:00 Chris_Stewart_5 bitcoind should be doing that
14:01 RxMcDonald oh nvm it downloads in the background with bitcoind
14:01 RxMcDonald so i just have to wait until it's done
14:01 RxMcDonald I guess?
14:01 Chris_Stewart_5 Yep
14:02 RxMcDonald mmh the log keeps saying "No route to host", this is going to take some time I guess
14:05 TZander RxMcDonald: maybe you intended to join #bitcoin ?
14:06 TZander either way, the full node software requires to download and validate the full chain. Which means it takes about 100GB and some hours before you can use it.
14:07 TZander and since you mentioned mining, talk to a mining pool. for instance, they typically have forums and documentation.
14:16 RxMcDonald TZander: No, I'm interested in developing bitcoin
14:17 RxMcDonald TZander: I'm good with microsoft word and windows XP, can I get into virtual money?
14:19 RxMcDonald I once solved a 10 x 10 crossword puzzle, that's gotta help
14:27 reBrain RxMcDonald: nice nice
14:27 reBrain RxMcDonald: keep it up
14:28 RxMcDonald reBrain: I once replaced a computer keyboard
14:28 reBrain RxMcDonald: damn
14:29 RxMcDonald Yes I had to read the technical manual because it was USB mode
14:29 RxMcDonald So it wasn't compatible with the current technology, I'm old school
14:32 RxMcDonald You weren't even born yet and I was already running microsoft outlook
15:03 RxMcDonald I think it downloaded all the transactions, I can see the latest transaction in the log corresponds with the hash I'm seeing at, but I can't see any transactions on the QT GUI, is this normal?
15:03 RxMcDonald Or it's just a wallet for your own transactions?
15:18 Chris_Stewart_5 RxMcDonald: An easy way to verify is if you run ./bitcoin-cli getblockcount
15:18 Chris_Stewart_5 and then see if it is close to what block explorer you are looking at
15:35 RxMcDonald Chris_Stewart_5: error: couldn't connect to server
15:36 Chris_Stewart_5 hmm, do you have any authentication credential inside of ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf?
15:37 RxMcDonald nope
15:39 Chris_Stewart_5 I think you may need to add some, but not 100% certain on that
15:39 Chris_Stewart_5 google 'configuring bitcoin.conf' that will probably lead you in the right direction
16:35 RxMcDonald alright fam, gotta take off
16:35 RxMcDonald Chris_Stewart_5: gonna try it out later
22:43 RxMcDonald hey, anyone has a guide on how to develop with QT editor? The docs in the readme are incomplete I think
22:54 luke-jr RxMcDonald: I'm not clear what you're asking. Just do it?