Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/02/04

03:39 BW^- Does BitcoinD have some DEFINE for individual target OS:es e.g. for OPENBSD, LINUX, FREEBSD, etc.?
03:47 Diablo-D3 when you grepped the source, did you find it?
03:51 BW^- Diablo-D3: for LevelDB there's an "OS_OPENBSD" define..
03:53 BW^- em.. BitcoinD seems to rely on the "TARGET_OS" define.. and currently there's "linux", "darwin" and "windows".
04:16 BW^- diablo-d3,*: some more attention here pls
04:20 Diablo-D3 why me?
06:18 BW^- diablo-d3: the next thing here is to figure what DEFINE tells the BitcoinD code that it's an OpenBSD build target.
06:19 BW^- also, there should be some feedback about whether arc4random use should be OpenBSD-specific, or specific to any platfor with arc4random support. I guess the further is the more sensible approach, as other platforms with arc4random support (that is FreeBSD and Mac OS X) have unsecure arc4random implementations, at least they had until very recently.
18:18 sturles This "hardfork code" the Chineese miners are waiting for, will that contain provisions for switching mining algorithm as well? I hope so..
18:19 TZander Are the chinese waiting for any hardfork code?
18:20 sturles I think it was part of a deal sometime ago.
18:20 TZander oh, well, everyone gave up on that code months ago
18:21 TZander many core devs said they had no say in the agreement and had no interest in shipping such a hard fork
18:22 sturles
18:24 sturles