Transcript for #bitcoin-dev 2017/02/03

12:38 BW^- Use arc4random() for entropy on supported systems!
12:38 BW^-
12:38 BW^- that's half a pull request. this is a five-liner however.
12:39 BW^- arc4random() support must be detected and reflected in some DEFINE, and then just use that in src/random.cpp's GetOSRand():
12:43 BW^- There are situations on Unix systems when you don't have /dev/urandom , which is what src/random.cpp's GetOSRand() uses by default. Even if they're not mainstream usecases, they are totally sensible and realistic usecases.
14:04 dcousens Playing with a dataset I collected RE transaction wait times and fees, kind of cool to see some of the fee tails in
14:05 dcousens (colour gradient is the fee)
14:19 instagibbs fimp, do note that just because you set your limits higher doesn't mean others will accept such transactions
14:20 instagibbs you will re-broadcast them as needed though, so it might work better over time
14:23 dcousens fimp ?
14:24 dcousens nvm, thought it was an acronym